What is Consciousness?

What is consciousness? Conventional thinking tells us it is the images, sensations, thoughts, and feelings produced by the brain. When the neurons in the brain stop firing, consciousness ceases to be. But does it? In What is Consciousness? Dr. Larry Dossey joins fellow luminaries in the field of consciousness studies—Ervin Laszlo and Jean Houston—to explore the depths and heights of the infinite mystery of our own minds.

“Everybody talks about consciousness,” Ervin Laszlo says in this video talking about the book, “but nobody really tells us what it is.” The question can — and has — filled volumes. Materialism might suggest consciousness is, in fact, nothing special at all. Mere, neural epiphenomena. But as we know from Dr. Dossey’s One Mind hypothesis, and the powerful, evocative intuitions of Jean Houston, the answer to the question is a far more challenging and provocative insight.

“…Yet, there is something new happening, there is a new concept of consciousness is emerging. Consciousness is a very strange beast. It is at once the most mysterious thing in our experience, and the most intimate, the most direct.”

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We implore you to get yourself (or a friend) a copy of the book and, as Ervin Laszlo encourages, write to us. Post your blogs. Ask your questions and explore this ultimate and intimate mystery with us.