Space, Time & Medicine

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Western medicine has long viewed the body as working mechanically, like clockwork: A breakdown of its parts causes illness. But modern physics says something new about theuniverse; its more holistic view includes the effects of consciousness on matter and thepossibility of nonlinear time. Western medicine has not yet embraced these new ideas, andas a result physicians find themselves “with a set of guiding beliefs that are as antiquated as are body humors, leeching, and bleeding.”

Dr. Larry Dossey discusses our obsession with time and how the notion of time “flowing” may profoundly act upon our health. Those who are able to alter their concept of time flow, says Dr. Dossey, have been able to positively affect the course of their disease.
“Space, Time and Medicine presents compelling evidence for the conceptual crisis of current medical science and points to directions for change.”
from the Foreword by Fritjof Capra

“Dossey goes beyond the usual paradigm of holistic health to a holistic view of reality itself. Drawing from the most astonishing implications of modern physics and biology, he constructs a powerful case for the deeply causative role of mind in health.”
Marilyn Ferguson
Author of The Aquarian Conspiracy

“Solidly anchored in the history of both science and philosophy, richly embellished with the author’s own revelatory experiences, and leavened with humor, Space, Time and Medicine carries us to a new vision of a world without hurtling us into utopian fantasy.” —
Los Angeles Times

“A thoughtful and thought-provoking account of the experiences that are leading some Western doctors to abandon the mechanical model of the human body for a model based on an organic conception of reality.”


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