Meaning & Medicine
A Doctor’s Tales of Breakthrough and Healing

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Physician Larry Dossey investigates the extraordinary power of meaning to affect mind-body interactions. Through fascinating clinical stories, Dossey shows how thought and emotion influence the body — and can make the difference between life and death. He describes the Black Monday Syndrome, the fact that more heart attacks occur on Monday mornings around 9:00 than at any other time. He shows how the heart can actually break from grief or stop from shame.

Dr. Dossey offers a strong antidote to these negatives: Meaningalso has the power to heal and change. He brings us the case of the Fishskin Boy, whose rare genetic skin disorder was healed through hypnosis, and of a fourteen-year-old computer whiz who “programmed” his own visualizations to utilize chemotherapy efficiently. He further explores how music, biofeedback, miracles, prayer, and the inner “controller” can contribute to the healing process. Dr. Dossey then takes us into the world of the hospital and gives specific instructions to help anyone survive a hospital stay.

“Larry Dossey is on the cutting edge of our new as yet nameless era. He is brilliant and provocative. This book is crucial as a corrective to the timeworn and frigid medical model currently in vogue.”
John Bradshaw
Author of Homecoming

“Larry Dossey, as always, makes the mind-body link very clear and accessible to aid in healing. But yet a greater healing is here offered as he establishes the mind-heart connection. He speaks of the healing that is even more than cure.”
Stephen Levine
Author of Healing into Life and Death

“Meaning & Medicine is a remarkable and thrilling book. I literally could not put it down. Larry Dossey is a consummate physician, storyteller, and scholar — perhaps the most seminal thinker of our time. Replete with fresh insights about the much-overlooked role of the unconscious, this book elevated my ideas about healing to an entirely new level. It is bound to become a classic in the new medicine.”
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.
Author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind


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