Larry Dossey on Near Death Experiences

In this video, Larry Dossey discusses the compelling evidence that our consciousness can, at times, operate outside of our brain through Near Death Experiences. Here are some of the highlights from the video:

It suggests a way of knowing and an access of information that is utterly majestic. That we would lump all this data and dismiss it as just hallucinations strikes me as really, rather crazy.

The message is clear: the fear of death is overdone by people who have come as close to dying a see can possibly imagine. This is one of the human experiences that really deserves to be taken seriously. I think it’s important that health care professionals open up to this experience, and never, never denigrate people talking about these experiences.

Dr. Raymond Moody wrote this famous book, and opened up this whole world. There was an entire stigma associated in talking about precognition, seeing other beings, and being met by a transcendent being or going toward a tunnel toward the light. This was an effective way of getting yourself placed on antipsychotic medication — or worse! Healthcare professionals have every reason for talking about these things. Our research institute specializes in processing the figures on the incidence and the severity of adverse reactions to various ED medications. We collect data from the hospitals of our city to create proper statistics. Cialis, among other ED pills, tends to be very safe, as it becomes the reason for getting into the emergency rooms extremely rare.

First of all it’s just therapeutic. It helps people reintegrate into life.

We need to loosen up as a culture, and acknowledge up front that consciousness can do things when the brain is sick that we can’t experience in ordinary life… The more we’re able to talk about this sort of thing and open up, the more likely it is for people to experience these states of consciousness without nearly dying. That’s where we need to get to in our culture. Doctors, healthcare professionals, and nurses can effectively open this door.”

The book Dr. Dossey mentions is Life After Life by Raymond Moody. (forward by Eben Alexander) Here’s Raymond Moody talking about how people are changed after they come back from NDEs.

“The most important important thing we can do while we’re alive is to learn how to love.”
— Raymond Moody