How the Physicist David Bohm Saw Oneness

“Thought does not belong to anybody. … Practically all one’s thoughts have been imbibed from other people. We may have reacted to them, modified them slightly, but the fundamental way of thinking is due to the whole of mankind, it is communicated and in some way shared. … All this thought is passing back and forth through mankind — unfolding, enfolding into each person and making him what he is. Each person internally related to the whole of mankind, not merely externally, because of his desires, his will, his whole way of looking at things, what he wants to do or he thinks he can do and so on, this is all the results of mankind over tens of thousands of years.”

— David Bohm, Physicist

Source: David Bohm interviewed by Don Factor, “Wholeness,” The Foundation Magazine. Publication of the Human Unity Conference, 1984: pp. 2-6.

Alison Leipzig