Healing Beyond the Body

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“Healing Beyond the Body offers a rare opportunity to look at human nature through the eyes of physician and see the shape of the Divine. This brilliant collection of medical essays is a great contribution to the literature of medicine, and of consciousness, placing Dossey in the tradition of Richard Selzer, Lewis Thomas, and Oliver Sacks.” – Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

If medicine is truly to be a healing art, it must address not only our bodies, but our minds and spirit as well; it must deal not only with the mechanisms of illness, but with its meanings; and it must recognize that our power to heal and be healed extends beyond our physical bodies.


bookPowerPremonitions bookExtraOrdinary bookHealingBeyond
The Power of Premonitions: How Knowing the Future Can Shape our Lives

Dutton Adult, 2009

The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

Harmony/Random House 2006

Healing Beyond the Body

Shambala, 2001

bookReinventingMedicine bookCareful bookPrayerGoodMedicine
Reinventing Medicine

Harper San Francisco, 1999

Be Careful What You Pray For…You Just Might Get It

Harper San Francisco, 1997

Prayer is Good Medicine: How to Reap the Healing Benefits of Prayer

Harper San Francisco, 1996

bookHealingWords bookMeaningMedicine bookRecoverSoul
Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine

Harper San Francisco, 1993

Meaning & Medicine: A Doctor’s Tales of Breakthrough and Healing

Bantam, 1991

Recovering the Soul:
A Scientific and Spiritual Approach

Bantam, 1989

Space, Time & Medicine

Shambala, 1982

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