On the COVID-19 Crisis

Dear Friends, Like most of you, I have been mesmerized by the nonstop news of how our country is facing up to what is being called the “unprecedented” coronavirus threat. The recurrent message is that this is the most severe challenge we have ever faced as a nation, and that we must dig deep and […]

Speaking at TCCHE 2018

Larry Dossey will be speaking at TCCHE (The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution) in London on Oct. 19-21st 2018 alongside some of the most brilliant pioneers in the science of consciousness, including Gregg Braden, Anita Moorjani, Rupert Sheldrake, and Lynn McTaggart: Each year, we create a special program looking into the mysteries of Human […]

Announcing AAPS – Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences

Larry Dossey is pleased to announce AAPS – the Academy for the Advancement of Post-Materialist Sciences – where he is a founding board member. From the mission statement: The Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences is a non-profit membership and education organization whose mission is to promote open-minded, rigorous and evidence-based enquiry into postmaterialist consciousness […]

What is Consciousness?

What is consciousness? Conventional thinking tells us it is the images, sensations, thoughts, and feelings produced by the brain. When the neurons in the brain stop firing, consciousness ceases to be. But does it? In What is Consciousness? Dr. Larry Dossey joins fellow luminaries in the field of consciousness studies—Ervin Laszlo and Jean Houston—to explore the […]