Be Careful What You Pray For…You Just Might Get It

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In this frank and challenging book, Dr. Dossey sets out to understand the “neglected shadow side” of prayer. Having established the benefits of prayer in Prayer is Good Medicine and Healing Words, Dossey flips the coin and asks, “Can prayer harm?” The resulting inquiry takes us through the history of negative prayer. Dr. Dossey looks at the various forms that prayer’s “shadow” can take, whether it be hexing, the death wish, the evil eye, or merely harboring a bad attitude. Assessing negative prayer from the perspective of evolutionary biology, Dossey considers how we can protect ourselves from the negative thoughts of others. By acknowledging the potential harm of each negative thought, it becomes possible to manifest the positive in its stead. Dr. Dossey’s stirring discussion is at once a cautionary tale and a declaration of confidence in our ability to reshape our most private thoughts for the ultimate benefit of humanity.

Can prayer harm? Larry Dossey, M.D., the New York Times bestselling author of Healing Words and Prayer Is Good Medicine looks at the flip side of healing prayer, exploring the surprising unintentional harm we can cause with our thoughts, prayers, and wishes—and what we can do about it.

“Brilliant poetic, scholarly, and absolutely daunting in range and scope. The imperative is urgent and clear: we must assume a high level of responsibility for our negative and hurtful thoughts, wishes and prayers for one another.”
Coauthor of Rituals of Healing

“A treasure…rich with original ideas and generous with compelling data to support them.”
RUSSELL TARG, physicist
Coauthor of Mind Reach, Mind Race, and Miracles of Mind

“A fascinating and courageous book…Be Careful What You Pray For discusses both clinical cases and controlled scientific studies confirming the ancient belief that thoughts have the power to manipulate the world in unexpected ways. For a thoughtful, well-balanced view of the dark side of prayer, read this book.”
Author of The Conscious Universe


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