A Virtual House Tour with Larry Dossey – Nurturing the Soul with Lilou Mace

In this fantastic interview, Larry Dossey welcomes Lilou Mace, conscious media producer to his home.

Of special interest is the words inscribed on the hallway beams by the great scientist Sir Arthur Eddington:

“Something unknown is doing we don’t know what.”

“This explanation has never let me down,” Dr. Dossey says to Lilou, “in the sense that there is a great deal of mystery we simply need to be humble in the face of. I think that’s one of the great starting points for discussing the issues of consciousness and spirituality and their role in health and healing, which is one of my concerns.”

“You can’t live in this city without being influenced in the deep spirituality here,” Dossey, speaking on Sante Fe, “it just oozes from every pore. This is one of the indefinable things that draws people here.”

Have you ever visited Santa Fe? Would you agree? Watch the rest of this interview and let us know what you think of this space which, we think you’ll agree, has most definitely been made into a space that honors the sacred hearth!